Value Scaling

Nice piece of software, simple to use and easy to learn.
I have a Modbus RTU slave connection which is polling nicely and putting the decimal values on the graphical interface.

What I would like to do is scale those Modbus values to show 0-100% instead of 16384 to 49152 as recorded from the device.

I have tried putting in a computable Simulator variable with some code to do it, however it doesn't seem to be able to reference a MODBUS variable from the simulator plugin.

Has anyone else done this before?
I am about to delve into the scripting to see if there is another way.

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  • 23 June 2011, 21:49
  • RFEE
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Hello dear friends. Im trying this software but i have some questions. I hope somebody culd help me. I designed a SCADA visualization for temperatures monitoring. But the problem i have is the computer was broken. I need to use my development in a new computer. Well i saved a baackup of the files but the problem is that apparently i can not just change the original file from 1 computer to another. Because when try to open it a warning error brings up to the screen. I dont know whats going on. Sorry for my english. Thanks

Collective blogs.

Guys. I had move your posts from your personal blogs to collective «Help» blog, you can see a collective blogs names at bottom right of the page. Pls select the most appropriate blog when you post new topic. For do this you should be joined to appropriate blog. Look to the picture.

Also you can subscribe on new topics in joined blogs and new comments. Go to «site settings» like showed in pict.

BCD Data type for Modbus

I would like to see a BCD Data type when creating a Modbus Variable. Many of the PLC's I work with have data in BCD format. This will make it much easier to attach graphics if you don't need to do the conversion in code.

Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing some of the bugs fixed. I lost a few tinkering projects when the designer crashed and would no longer load the project. Once it is running and my scripting is de-bugged it seems to be pretty stable.
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  • 23 December 2010, 05:12
  • SEKen
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Users Manual

Hi I want to know if there are a manual or help for developers that use the FreeSCADA?