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We are launched new site. This is social blog engine. All news will be published in «News» blog. Releases will publish in «Release» blog. «Tuttorials» for tuttorials :) You can register and ask your questions in «Help» blog. Make your suggestions in «Development» blog. All discussions will be in comments threads for published topic.
For publishing topic you need to login and press button «Write» in top-left coner. After this select blog in which you whant to post your topic and thats is.
Ohh users have a rating, any user after register take zerro rating and can write posts only in Development and Help blogs. Rating will increase in acording with user activity inside comunity, when user will exceed presetted treshold it will takes rights for posting in other blogs.
PS. Old site can be found there:

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  • 20 April 2017, 10:39

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