Following our practice to release preview versions we created new package There you can find several new features basically aimed to verify complete flow of creating and monitoring processes. The major features are the following:
  • Added “Run Time” module for executing Designer’s schemas by using data from several data sources: OPC servers and built-in Data Simulator module.

  • There are also a number of new “actions” for linking data with your visual elements: Rotate, Move, Show (changes object’s opacity) and Value modifier (updates value of a complex control like Gauge). So, you could start making real applications.

  • Basic support for importing SVG and XAML graphical vector files. This means that you can get any nice picture created by 3rd party editor and enrich it by animation with your data.

  • Several SVG files added into “Samples” folder.

Version (preview) is here

PS. You need to uninstall earlier version before proceed with the new install.
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  • 24 February 2010, 21:54
  • AlexDov

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