New version is ready! We worked hard on this release and
improved many things. Now FreeSCADA2 works much nicer and has a number
of improvements in usability. Major changes are the following:
  • Added new toolbar on per-document basis for Designer. It
    has complete set of “service” commands to be used with current schemas
    like Copy&Paste, Undo&Redo, some helpers for editing
    and etc.

  • Number of improvements in User Interface.

  • Experimental implementation of grid-like ruler.

  • Direct editing of XAML code of current schema.

  • Improving keyboard commands for editing.

  • Several improvements with Zooming.

  • Multi-selection editing.

  • Added “Save project As…” command.

  • A lot of bugs were fixed including problems with working
    file system paths which has spaces and problems with installation
    revealed in version

Version (preview) is here

PS. Don't forget to uninstall earlier version before proceed with the
new install.
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  • 24 February 2010, 22:02
  • AlexDov

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