glad to
announce new version of FreeSCADA 2 (preview). There are number of
major improvements such as
  • Archiver module allows you to save project variables (channels) into a database.At this
    moment there is only one simple “rule” for archiving by using system timer and
    specified time interval.

  • Archived data can be analyzed by using Trends of Table views from “RunTime”
    module. You can specify any desired time interval for data retrieval.

  • This version also has two new communication plugins: MODBUS protocol support
    (basic implementation so far) and configurable timers (allows you to define custom timers and use them like normal project variable).

  • We are also moving forward with improving Schema editing capabilities. This version has basic implementation of “bindings” technique when user can “bind” any element property with “any” project variable. We hope it can make editing easier and flexible in future.

  • A lot of bug fixes.

If you see a bug, please tell us about it using our bug tracking system.
Version (preview) is here
PS. Don't forget to uninstall earlier version before proceed with the new install.
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  • 24 February 2010, 22:04
  • AlexDov

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