FreeSCADA version (preview) got released. This is a bugfix
release with several new features:
  • MODBUS communication plugin was significantly improved. Now
    it offers serial MODBUS protocol support and allows writing data
    back to the device. There were also several
     improvements in TCP/IP protocol.

  • Scripting support for Simulator plugin. It allows defining
    «computable» channels which use Python interpreter to calculate its
    value. See examples for more details.

  • New common dialog to associate visual element property
    with project variables. It provides the same look and feel for
    different binding types.

  • Few new examples: «Bouncing ball» and «Coffee machine».

  • Several bug fixes for schema editing.

You can get it from SF download page.
If you see a bug, please tell us about it using our bug tracking system.
If you have earlier version of FS2, please uninstall it before
proceed with the new install.
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  • 24 February 2010, 22:08
  • AlexDov

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