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We are coming back.

After long pause we will started development againe. In short terms will be finished bugfixesd and will be made new release.

Tutorial 2

FreeSCADA has embedded language based on Python syntax which allows you
to customize your scheme in various ways. In this example I will show
how to handle events from visual elements and modify visual state of
these objects.

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Tutorial 1

In this tutorial we will show how do you can define text blocks with Channels values. 

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Here is small update of FreeSCADA. There are two critical fixes:
  • Fix for the issue of retrieving big number of variables from CLServer reported by Seung Woo Lee.

  • Added command for Schema renaming and removing. This functionality was overlooked
    in previousreleases. Thanks to Artur_K for pointing that.

You can get it from SF download page.

We are waiting for your comments on our new Forum.
Give it a try! :)


FreeSCADA is out. It includes the following improvements:
  • Remote access to data channels by HTTP protocol

  • Improved error handling and a number of other bugfixes

  • New Chart control to show channel trends in real-time

  • New ToggleButton control which acts like a checkbox, but has button look and feel

  • TextBox control with possibility to bind its value to data channels

  • “check for updates” command was added

You can get it from SF download page. Please note that
FreeSCADA now requires Service Pack 1 for.Net Framework 3.5.

Your comments are welcome!


New version of preview package has been created. It has a number of
bug-fixes and several major features. There you can find the following:
  • Scripting support + several examples. However better
    documentation is needed.
  • «Import Graphics» command has
    been added.
  • New Variables view in Designer and Realtime. Perfect
    for runtime communication debugging.
  • Binding possibility from
    property grid was removed.
  • Added: ColorEditor, undo/redo
    functionality with supporting changes from property grid.
  • Adding
    more examples for scripting feature.
  • Support for dynamically
    loaded visual plugins.
  • Color binding is implemented as part of
    common binding editing dialog.
  • A lot of bugfixes for every
    FreeSCADA module.

Version (preview) is here
PS. Don't forget to uninstall earlier version before proceed with the
new install.


FreeSCADA version (preview) got released. This is a bugfix
release with several new features:
  • MODBUS communication plugin was significantly improved. Now
    it offers serial MODBUS protocol support and allows writing data
    back to the device. There were also several
     improvements in TCP/IP protocol.

  • Scripting support for Simulator plugin. It allows defining
    «computable» channels which use Python interpreter to calculate its
    value. See examples for more details.

  • New common dialog to associate visual element property
    with project variables. It provides the same look and feel for
    different binding types.

  • Few new examples: «Bouncing ball» and «Coffee machine».

  • Several bug fixes for schema editing.

You can get it from SF download page.
If you see a bug, please tell us about it using our bug tracking system.
If you have earlier version of FS2, please uninstall it before
proceed with the new install.


glad to
announce new version of FreeSCADA 2 (preview). There are number of
major improvements such as
  • Archiver module allows you to save project variables (channels) into a database.At this
    moment there is only one simple “rule” for archiving by using system timer and
    specified time interval.

  • Archived data can be analyzed by using Trends of Table views from “RunTime”
    module. You can specify any desired time interval for data retrieval.

  • This version also has two new communication plugins: MODBUS protocol support
    (basic implementation so far) and configurable timers (allows you to define custom timers and use them like normal project variable).

  • We are also moving forward with improving Schema editing capabilities. This version has basic implementation of “bindings” technique when user can “bind” any element property with “any” project variable. We hope it can make editing easier and flexible in future.

  • A lot of bug fixes.

If you see a bug, please tell us about it using our bug tracking system.
Version (preview) is here
PS. Don't forget to uninstall earlier version before proceed with the new install.


New version is ready! We worked hard on this release and
improved many things. Now FreeSCADA2 works much nicer and has a number
of improvements in usability. Major changes are the following:
  • Added new toolbar on per-document basis for Designer. It
    has complete set of “service” commands to be used with current schemas
    like Copy&Paste, Undo&Redo, some helpers for editing
    and etc.

  • Number of improvements in User Interface.

  • Experimental implementation of grid-like ruler.

  • Direct editing of XAML code of current schema.

  • Improving keyboard commands for editing.

  • Several improvements with Zooming.

  • Multi-selection editing.

  • Added “Save project As…” command.

  • A lot of bugs were fixed including problems with working
    file system paths which has spaces and problems with installation
    revealed in version

Version (preview) is here

PS. Don't forget to uninstall earlier version before proceed with the
new install.