Hi All!

I am trying to work with this FreeScada program but somehow I get stuck all the time.
The available examples are not so much helpful.

What I missing concrete a good debugger, which is able to check the right methods and variable.
The most important the methods.
For example: I do not know what kind of methods (name of the method) are available for a button function or to do a graph. Or at least where I can find those.
Does someone knows???

I think buttons, alarms and graphs are essential for a good SCADA program.

I hope more people are going to work with this program thereby it gets better and better.

Thanks Eddy

ModBus RTU

Hello All!

I am trying to find out, how do I change or modify a ModBus Register.
I want to create a button and this button should change a designated register which is responsible to switch ON/OFF a relay.
I am already manage to read a register, thanks to the example on the blog.
But I do not know how to change the values.
Thanks for the help and hints in advance.