User Contros

Hi, I am new here, I just want to know how to use the User Controls(FreeSCADA2 EasyControls Library), thank you very much.

Chart & database bugs in

I'm using FreeScada to visualize an RS-485 network of temperature controllers. For this I'm using the chart function and the SQLite database facilities.
1) I'm getting the data in and out allright but have some issues with the chart function: The hi/lo ranges are initially set to -1,1, but if you want to set them to 200,300 you get an error message that the lower value should be lower… If you then do -200,200 it works and also 0,300 works. Sometimes the designer mode accepts a range and the runtime will then not accept the resulting case.
2) In the SQLIte database I cannot change the 1000ms value, I change it, save it, but it still comes back 1000, even after leaving the program. (I'm getting the data in my database)
3) I had issues with the chart function running on a Dutch Windows XP; The hi/lo range came out as -1;1 iso -1,1. This could be a country setting issue, but then the problem as described in 1) still happens. You may want to check in your software whether you are installing it on a US/UK based Windows and otherwise exit in the setup fase.
4) You can't see which version one is using of freescada, you can check for updates but sometimes it says there is a new one which is not true.
Keep up the good work!

writing status to PLC

I was able to associate status of DO on my PLC via OPC connection. I could use your help on how to write (i mean change) status to my plc. Should I write a script or can i somehow do this through OPC server? Could you give me an example of how to achieve this?
Thanxs in advance!


I made a project for multi schema. But once I save and open, can not open and always error. I have many times experienced the same error. Please explanation.

Test cases for debugging

Hello Alex,

How can I upload some of my test projects that give me errors such that you can debug them?
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  • 01 March 2011, 18:50
  • Nett
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When is the next release due?

The current version is still buggy (e.g cannot read some saved projects in runtime)

PS: Great work, was looking for something like this a long time!

Communication with PLC

I would like to communicate with a PLC,
there is some type of help, or does anyone have the steps to do this?

This is great stuff guys!!!

Alex, I did SCADA, DSCADA, DMS, RTU a long time ago in 2007, using the Mapjects server and again in 2010 for the Xprize. It was easy to do for manufacturing controls, utility energy and plant controls, but once I had to communicate with the CAN bus, things got a little challenging.

So, this is a definite welcome into our industry :) if you can get CAN online…

Ping me if you need specs, I ll see what I can do help out.

how to get the source code for free-scada-

I am a teacher in an university of china. Now, i am teaching one subject on how to apply and develop SCADA software. I feel that free-scada- is a very excellent SCADA software, which is appropriate to help students to understand. Therefore, I want to obtain such a copy for free-scada- source code. Thanks for your reply. My Email:

Example Program

Hi Alex,
You might post a file with a sample program, with some functions, or a program that is working so we can create our own.
would be very helpful.