FreeScada status of the project.

FreeScada status of the project.

Hi all.

I wonder if someone is still working on this project, I downloaded the source from the sourceforge site, but this with compilation errors.

If you have someone working on this project and would be grateful to help me, I would like to take this project to meet a need and also contribute to my community in general.

My contact email is

Thank you.

Modbus TCP / multiple variables and data formats

This is very good Project! I started to work with this programm. As an begginer I cannot find two data formats that I need for my Modbus variables'definition:
— u64 — unsigned 64-bit (4 registers)
— s64 — signed 64-bit (4 registers)
How can I set this type of data?

Also I have another question. Can I define reading schema for reading of one device with multiple variables in text redactor or in excel and after this to import the parametrization data into the programm? Can I save parametrization and copy/paste for multiple devices?

Good luck with project!

Web Access

could anybody please tell me how to set up the web server free scada to web access? thks


Alguien sabe si el free scada tiene Web Server, muchas gracias
I have an Application, and I need a web server. The free scada hava web server?

Having problems with VisualControls

I am trying to compile for the first time.

I can not seem to get VisualControls.FS2EasyControls to compile. I am getting Error The type or namespace name 'IVisualControlDescriptor' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I can not seem to find the reference.

very good scada software

It is a very good scada software;
I hope you please gon…

i want example

i want any example.

Python and MODBUS

How can we use MODBUS variables within Python Scripts?
Also, Is there any manual that describes the Python commands that can be used in FreeScada?



Hi All!

I am trying to work with this FreeScada program but somehow I get stuck all the time.
The available examples are not so much helpful.

What I missing concrete a good debugger, which is able to check the right methods and variable.
The most important the methods.
For example: I do not know what kind of methods (name of the method) are available for a button function or to do a graph. Or at least where I can find those.
Does someone knows???

I think buttons, alarms and graphs are essential for a good SCADA program.

I hope more people are going to work with this program thereby it gets better and better.

Thanks Eddy

Video Tutorial


I'm trying to make a simple program with freescada2 and i think i already see videos with tutorial. Can anyone help me? there is any video tutorial? if yes, where is it?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,